Specialty welding

A Crucial Stage in An Industrial Construction Project

Are you looking for a specialty welding company that can complete any project efficiently?

Look no further than Calpiping Industrial. We know how important it is to get your project completed on time and under budget. That's why we work hard to be one of the most efficient welding companies in the industry. Specialty Welding Capabilities to Compete any Project Efficiently.

Calpiping is one of the leading providers of highly technical services to the refining, petrochemical, and biodiesel industrial markets. Our team consistently outperforms its competition in the field, often completing jobs ahead of plan and under budget.

A refinery is a complex array of pressure vessels, piping, structural carbon steel, and other components that depend on welding for its structural integrity. Despite project complexities, our elite turnaround specialists conduct welding and mechanical operations under extreme conditions and elevated temperatures ranging from 150 degF to 380 degF, allowing equipment repair without disrupting site operations.

Contact us today and let us put our expertise to work for you.

Manufacturing facilities, chemical manufacturers, food processors, and many other sorts of clients can use the metal fabrication and repair services offered by Calpiping Industrial. We create pipes and structural steel, as well as a wide range of other fabricated metal goods for customers all throughout North America.

Our company is best known for our speciality welding services, we're set apart from the competitors. Some of the highest quality welding in the country may be obtained from our highly qualified facility and personnel.

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