Safety is Our Top Priority

"Nobody gets hurt"!

Taking all the necessary measures

Safety, Health, and Environmental (SHE) is an integral part of risk management at Calpiping Industrial, which remains World Class due to our strong belief that

“Nobody Gets Hurt”. Our vision is to create an Injury and Illness-Free workplace from our shop to our client’s facilities. Continuous improvement is paramount in keeping our organization moving forward as a “Leadership Team” to spread our safety culture to our clients as well as other contractors we may work with.

Calpiping Industrial maintains Safety, Health, and Environmental as a core value throughout our entire company. From the top of our organization to every employee, all are accountable for their own safety and the safety of those around them.

Being consistent in incorporating, establishing, and defining SHE responsibility and accountability through every level creates value for our customers. The employees at Calpiping are the foundation of our Health, Safety, and Environmental protection programs.

By holding to our integrity, setting positive examples, and caring for our employees; our organization as a whole believes our vision can become reality. As some companies believe what they see, World class organizations see what they believe. And we continue to remain: WORLD CLASS!

We excel in providing professional and comprehensive, company, client, and multi-agency regulatory compliance training for our employees.

By providing a standardized and specialized industry training curriculum, our employees are equipped with the knowledge and hands on skills to perform their task in a safe manner that is quality driven.

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